• Name
  • material
  • origin
  • colour
    White, Gray and Black
  • application
    Floor tiles, walls, kitchen,and bathroom vanity worktops
  • finishing
    Polished, honed
  • thickness
    20-30 mm

Patagonia Quartzite

Patagonia Quartzite Slabs (or Patagonia Original) originate from Brazil in South America, and are considered highly sought after by architects, interior designers, private clients, and construction companies.

This natural stone boasts a predominantly white or ivory-white background and large areas of gray crystals, sometimes with black or beige details.

The fantastic feature of this stone is that it is a translucent material; therefore, the “backlit” effect allows the light to pass through it as if it were transparent, creating a real show.

Is Patagonia stone marble, granite, or quartzite? It is often mistaken for marble or granite as the characteristics and aesthetics are similar, but Patagonia stone is quartzite.

The main finishes are polished and honed (other finishes are available on request).

Available in slabs with a thickness of 20 or 30, or 40 mm (other thicknesses on request).

The standard size of Patagonia quartzite slabs:

3300 / 2800 mm (length) x 2000 / 1700 mm (height)

The standard size of tiles in Patagonia (thickness: 20 mm):

  • 30×30
  • 60×30
  • 60×60

Patagonia quartzite price: from 400 to 900 € x sqm (ask for a free quote with real photos, stock, and cost).

Best uses for interior decor:

  • Quartzite floors and coverings.
  • Large kitchen quartzite countertops, islands, worktops, and backsplashes for hotels, restaurants, bars, and more.
  • Quartzite bathroom vanity sinks and shower walls.
  • Quartzite dining tables (egg/oval shape).
  • Granite skirting boards, also called baseboard or plinths.

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