• Name
    Breccia Pontificia
  • material
  • origin
  • colour
    White, Red, Orange
  • application
    Floor tiles, walls, kitchen,and bathroom vanity worktops
  • finishing
    Polished, honed
  • thickness
    20-30 mm

Breccia Pontificia Marble

Breccia Pontificia italian marble slabs (or Diaspro) come from Sicily, Italy. The peculiarity of its name derives from the fact that, in the past, it was widely used in Roman churches and in the Vatican.
It is a material that varies greatly in both design and color, but essentially has a red-orange background with white, red and ivory details that allow you to have a one-of-a-kind piece.
Breccia Pontificia is used for large floorings and coverings, worktops, bathrooms and restorations.
It gives its best in the glossy finish as it highlights the color, but other types of finishes are available on request.

The standard dimensions of Breccia Pontificia slabs:
3300 / 2800 mm (length) x 2000 / 1600 mm (height).

The standard dimensions of Breccia Pontificia marble tiles (10 or 20 mm thick)
30 x 30
60 x 30
60 x 60

Breccia Pontificia marble price: from 250€ to 500€ x m2 (request a free quote with real photos, stock and costs)

Breccia Pontificia marble polished or honed slabs bookmatched / Showroom and online shop.
*The warehouse may not be updated, ask for a free quote for the material actually available!

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