• Name
    Bianco Carrara Gioia
  • material
  • origin
  • colour
  • application
    Floor tiles, walls, kitchen,and bathroom vanity worktops
  • finishing
    Polished, honed
  • thickness
    20-30 mm

Bianco Carrara Gioia Marble

Bianco Carrara Gioia italian marble slabs are well known thanks also to its high quality, resistance and fine grain which consequently make it a material with high demand. It has a white background characterized by gray veins and dots.
White Carrara Gioia Marble is ideal for any decoration. Suitable for both commercial and residential projects, it is mainly used for ventilated facades, worktops, internal and external floors, stairs, docks, thresholds and swimming pool edges.

The finishes used most are polished and honed, but other types of finishes are also available.

The standard dimensions of Bianco Carrara Gioia slabs:
3300 / 2800 mm (length) x 2000 / 1600 mm (height).

The standard dimensions of Bianco Carrara Gioia marble tiles (10 or 20 mm thick)
30 x 30
60 x 30
60 x 60

Bianco Carrara Gioia marble price : from 100€ to 180€ per m2 (request a free quote with real photos, stock and costs)

Bianco Carrara Gioia marble polished or honed slabs bookmatched / Showroom and online shop.
*The warehouse may not be updated, ask for a free quote for the material actually available!

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