• Name
    Bardiglio Nuvolato
  • material
  • origin
  • colour
    Grey and White
  • application
    Floor tiles, walls, kitchen,and bathroom vanity worktops
  • finishing
    Polished, honed
  • thickness
    20-30 mm

Bardiglio Nuvolato Marble

Bardiglio Nuvolato Italian marble slabs have been used since Roman times. This natural stone is extracted in the Apuan Alps and appears as a very compact material with a heterogeneous grey/blue background characterized by cloudy veins/spots ranging from gray to white.

As with Bardiglio Imperiale, Bardiglio Nuvolato is also often used together with Bianco Carrara, Calacatta or Statuario to create the checkerboard floor, an alternation of light and dark capable of giving elegance to the environment in which they are applied.
The most used finishes are usually polished and honed. The first is particularly suitable, as thanks to its glassy consistency, it acquires great shine and therefore a wow effect.
Bardiglio Nuvolato, thanks to its resistance, hardness and ease of processing, is used for both indoor and outdoor flooring, but also for bathroom cladding, kitchen countertops and stairs.

The standard dimensions of Bardiglio Nuvolato slabs:
3300 / 2800 mm (length) x 2000 / 1800 mm (height).

The standard dimensions of Bardiglio Nuvolato marble tiles (10 or 20 mm thick)
30 x 30
60 x 30
60 x 60

Price of Bardiglio Nuvolato marble: from 100€ to 150€ x m2 (request a free quote with real photos, stock and costs)

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