Marble stairs – Treads and Risers

PopularStone collects different types of natural stones (marble, granite, onyx and quartzite), in this way you have the possibility to choose a marble staircase of the color and veining you prefer combined with the marble floor tiles.

Since you know your lifestyle you know very well that everything will have to be evaluated based on the architectural context of your home, you will choose a polished marble staircase if you prefer a modern style and a brushed marble staircase if you prefer a country or vintage style.

A stair in Bianco Carrara or Nero Marquina marble is synonymous with luxury, it has the ability to make your home attractive and fascinating.

Thanks to its brightness reflected from the surface, marble is suitable for environments such as: hallways, lounge bars, airports, prestigious hotels, offices, shops, reception areas, shopping centers and any residential or commercial building.

PopularStone produces marble risers that generally have a thickness of 2 cm with a polished or honed finish for indoor environments, and a brushed or bush-hammered finish for outdoor environments

Standard size riser: from 15 to 20 cm

As for the marble treads, they generally have a thickness of 2 or 3 cm with a front edge with a “bevel” or a “bullonose” (rounded)

Tread standard size: from 25 to 30 cm.

The most used light marbles for a marble staircase are:

  • White Carrara marble stair
  • Statuary marble stair
  • Calacatta marble stair
  • Bianco Perlino marble stair
  • Travertine Romano Classico stair

On the contrary, the most used dark marbles are:

  • Grigio Carnico marble stair
  • Nero Marquinia marble stair
  • Fior di Bosco marble stair
  • Portoro marble stair
  • Pietra Gray marble stiar

Ideas Marble Staircase – Treads & Risers

Arabescato marble staircase

This natural stone staircase was made with Arabescato marble, the finish is hoend with a slight non-slip finish and a straight edge marble tread.

We have also inserted visible white non-slip strips to increase the safety of the staircase and prevent accidental slipping as well as being easy to clean and long-lasting, widely used in Italy especially for public and very busy places.

Treads and risers were then fixed to the underlying concrete structure.

Calacatta marble staircase

A splendid staircase in Calacatta polished marble, the veins perfectly match the relatives and the rest of the environment.

Also in this case, golden adhesive tapes were applied to the beginning of the tread to increase safety and prevent slipping.

An environment immersed in white could only be created with white marble, the lights entering the room further increase the beauty of this marble staircase.

Carrara marble staircase

This Carrara marble staircase has been combined with wooden flooring, perhaps a way to stay with a modern yet vintage style.

The marble treads have the so-called “half-nose” finish (consisting of the slight rounding of the edge in the middle of the thickness), an elegant and modern style especially requested in Northern Europe, and subsequently followed by a small step to separate it from the riser in marble.

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