Marble Kitchen Worktops & Backsplash

PopularStone is one of the leading producers of bespoke kitchen worktops in Italy and collects a large selection of:

  • Marble worktops
  • Granite worktops
  • Stone worktops
  • Quartzite worktops

We can perform any surface finish and various visible edges, such as straight edge, bullnose edge, ogee profile, and more, thanks to our experience gained over more than 60 years of working on natural stone.

For years, we have collaborated with architects, construction companies, private customers, and interior designers to provide an increasingly efficient service and create bespoke marble sinks.

The Brazilian granite or quartzite worktop is undoubtedly the most popular due to its high impermeability and resistance to scratches or bumps. Still, marble may be the better choice if you believe you have a good daily cleaning routine.

The marble backsplash is probably the most appreciated feature of the kitchen because it is the first thing you notice as you enter the room, exuding elegance and luxury, especially when it comes to Calacatta Marble, white Statuario Marble, or Carrara Marble, which creates fantastic designs thanks to the bookmatching effect (or mirror effect), which consists precisely in placing two consecutive slabs side by side and forming a real painting on the wall.

Many people wonder which kitchen countertop has the lowest price. It is more likely that Italian Marble costs less than Turkish marble because, as a foreign material, it must be imported into Italy, which has a cost. Another critical factor is the thickness of the marble or granite, with the minimum available being 2 cm and the maximum usually being 3 cm; a greater thickness helps to have a stronger material, but a price increase of about 40% must be considered depending on the material.

Marble and granite countertops are long-lasting and color-resistant, despite being cold to the touch. What is certain is that you cannot leave a hot pot on the surface for an extended period of time without risking irreparable damage; therefore, a trivet must be used to separate it from the surface.

The only disadvantage, in my opinion, is that the marble kitchen top must be cleaned on a daily basis because, as a porous material, it absorbs liquids and stains and must be well maintained.


Ideas for Marble, Granite & Quartzite countertops

Kitchen island and worktops in Blue Roma Quartzite

A deep blue Quartzite Bath makes everything appear peaceful, only to be interrupted by brown veins shaped like lightning bolts.

A recessed hole was made in the island and kitchen worktop to allow the hob to be inserted into the worktop.

Steel reinforcing blades have been inserted to prevent breakage during installation and transport, particularly in the external part of the hob where there is little material.

Kitchen Island and Worktop in Sodalite granite

Large 180 cm high slabs were required for the Sodalite Granite island in the center of the room, which was completed for a project in the heart of London.

The kitchen worktop and backsplash continue the vein, making the piece unique and fascinating.

The countertop and the island have 5 cm long front pieces glued at 45° to create a more massive appearance, which people appreciate.

Kitchen Island and Countertop in Calacatta Gold Marble

This stone kitchen is bathed in white marble with gold and black brass details.

Calacatta Oro Marble’s island gives the impression of being a real block of marble. This magnificent natural stone in this photograph demonstrates why Carrara marble is the most sought-after and famous marble in the world.

Special attention was paid to the details of the marble backsplash, as the veins’ continuation makes the kitchen unique and uninterrupted.

Kitchen Island and Worktop in Black Fusion Gold Granite

This project is not yet finished but you can already see the beautiful stone and envision the final design.

Black Fusion Gold is a valid alternative to Italian Portoro Marble, the black background and the gold veins that cross the entire slab transversally give an appearance similar to that of an erupting volcano.

Kitchen Bar Countertop in Green Onyx Marble

This luxury project features a stunning slab of Onyx Green Light Marble.

A section of the Onyx Kitchen was designed with a lowered bar top where drinks and culinary delights can be prepared, and the details of furniture and taps in gold brass and silver chandeliers were added.

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