Marble Fireplace & Surrounds

High-quality marble fireplaces are produced in our Verona (Italy) workshop with traditional or modern design and architectural structure ideas according to your project.

PopularStone offers a wide selection of natural stones of every color (white, black, beige, green, grey) and uses 20 or 30-mm Italian marble or granite slabs cut and worked in Italy or directly from solid marble blocks to obtain thicknesses greater.

All custom-made natural stone marble surrounds have unique veins and structures, so making two identical fireplaces will not be possible.

The standard measurements for a marble fireplace are usually:

– Height: from 100 to 180 cm

– Width: from 70 to 130 cm

– Thickness: from 15 to 40 cm

Our selection of marbles includes, among the most famous:

  •  Statuary white marble fireplace
  •  Carrara white marble fireplace
  •  Nero Marquina marble fireplace
  •  Calacatta marble fireplace
  •  Portoro marble fireplace
  •  Bardiglio marble fireplace
  •  And more

Marble surrounds are well suited to wood stoves and electric stoves because they resist high temperatures. The Carrara marble fireplace is certainly one of the main features of a modern and elegant design.

Ideas for Marble Fireplace & Surrounds

Patagonia Quartzite Fireplace

We have selected a spectacular 20 mm thick Patagonia Quartzite slab. The only holes are made for the custom fireplace and to place the television, making this a gorgeous feature and focal point of the room.

Because this stone is translucent, we inserted lights behind the fireplace to create a “backlit” effect, which will provide a breathtaking picture at night.

Carrara Marble fireplace

This customer was looking for a marble with a mix of gray and white. Carrara marble is the best-known and most appreciated material in the world.

The wood-burning fireplace is clad in natural stone, which can withstand the fire’s heat while also adding great value to the environment.

White walls and a gray floor complete the work almost as if it were a variety of colors from light to dark. 

Calacatta Gold marble fireplace

This Calacatta Gold Marble fireplace in the center of the living room is modern and one of the easiest to make.

The marble surrounds are simple and straight, made of glued 20-mm pieces.

Calacatta Marble’s design and structure have a creamy white background and large gray and gold veins, making it synonymous with luxury and elegance in any environment.

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