Marble Dining & Coffee Tables

Marble tables are often associated with an elegant and refined lifestyle.

PopularStone produces a vast collection of dining tables with a thickness of 20 or 30 mm with a polished, honed or leather/brushed finish for a more vintage style.

The main shapes of natural stone tables are:

Round Marble Tables (diameter 900 mm or 1000 mm or 1100 mm or 1200 mm or 1300 mm or more)

Oval or Egg-Shaped Marble Tables (1500×1100 mm or 1600×1100 mm or 1800×1100 mm or more)

Square Marble Table (1000×1000 mm or 1500×1500 mm or 1200×1200 mm or more)

Custom Shaped Marble Tables (900×900 mm or 1300×1300 mm or 1400 x 900 mm or more)

Large Rectangular Marble Tables (1000×500 mm or 1500×1000 mm or 1800×1200 mm or more)

The edges of marble tables or kitchen tops can be made of different types: Straight edge, Bullnose edge, Ogee Profile Edge, and more.

Of course, marble is a natural stone that varies greatly in each block, so please ensure you are sent the exact slab from which your dining table will be carved.

How much does a marble table weigh?

It certainly depends on the measurements and thickness of the marble table, but generally, for a 1200x1200x20 mm table, the weight is 84 kg (1 m2 thick 2 cm=58 kg).

How much does a marble table cost?

A table in White Carrara marble can cost from 500€ to 10.000€ based on the quality of the material and the thickness (typically, it has a minimum thickness of 2 cm)

Ideas marble Dining & Coffe Table

Coffee Table in Calacatta Viola Marble

This beautiful table in Calacatta Viola honed (matte) was made entirely with marble obtained from two 2 cm thick slabs.

The round worktop is 130 cm in diameter with a thickness of 2+2 cm (4 cm) with a “bull” edge to increase resistance and a beautiful hexagonal base that supports the top 50 cm wide and 74 cm high.

Coffee Table in Patagonia quartzite

We chose one of the most beautiful exotic stones in the world for the center of this living room, the Patagonia quartzite, which, with its egg (oval) shape, has become one of the most popular dining tables on the market.

The table has a polished finish, is approximately 240 cm long, has a maximum width of 120 cm, a thickness of 2 cm, and is supported by an iron structure 75 cm high.

Dining table in Bardiglio Nuvolato Honed

A valued Italian customer, we created an outdoor table in honed Bardiglio Nuvolato 220 cm long and 110 cm wide, with a thickness of 2+2 cm (4 cm) to increase the table’s resistance

Shaped Coffee Table in Sodalite Granite

The stone used for this table is one of the finest granites in the world; the cost per m2 is quite high, but the deep, intense blue it provides is stunning.

It has a 100 cm diameter and has been handcrafted on the edges with an “ogee profile,” one of the finest finishes in the world.

Dining table in Azul Imperiale polished granite

A fantastic rectangular dining table in Azul Imperial polished granite with a straight edge.

The bases (legs) of the table in blue granite are composed of triangles closed at 45° and glued.

We have inserted reinforcing blades under the top to increase the resistance of the table

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