Marble Bathroom

White marble bathrooms with black or gold brass details are the most popular choice for modern projects among hotels, architects, construction companies, interior designers, and private clients.

Natural stone, such as Calacatta, Carrara, and Statuario marble tiles, adds a touch of freshness and life to any space, from flooring to wall cladding.

The honed finish is the most popular because it is slightly non-slip and thus suitable for the surface of the bathroom and shower covering. Still, if you prefer a brighter room, you can choose a polished surface with the addition of some carpets to counteract the slipping problem.

If your budget allows, consider a “Marble Bookmatch” on the shower wall or in the most visible front part of the room. This process consists of cutting two consecutive marble slabs in the same way, greatly raising the level of sophistication in your room.

The ideas for the marble bathroom are endless also because it is one of the most famous materials to use, there are those who prefer a black marble such as Nero Marquina with white veins or Nero Portoro associated with sinks in Carrara marble or a Green Onyx with nuances browns will help add a high design to your room.

Marble Bathroom Ideas

Calacatta Cremo Delicato Marble Bathroom

For this project, 61×30.5×1 cm Calacatta Cremo polished marble tiles and Nero Marquina marble hexagonal tiles in the center of the wall were used. The bathtub lining was done with the same stone as the tiles.

Calacatta Viola Marble Bathroom

We used the Italian Calacatta Viola Marble from the Carrara quarries for this valued English customer, an elegant material with a touch of vintage for the background that is not completely white.

The veins of the floor and wall covering continue very well, reflecting the careful work done in the laboratory to achieve the best possible result, making everything a single piece.

Carrara Marble Bathroom

A special marble bathroom for a special client, Carrara marble covers 70% of the bathrooms in Northern Europe, particularly in Sweden.

Carrara CD polished marble tiles measuring 30.5 x free length x 1 cm were used to cover the entire room and spa. We believe you now understand why Carrara marble is the world’s most popular natural stone.

Carrara Marble Bathroom

We chose Pink Onyx Marble slabs for a residential project that included placing a luminous structure behind the slab to create a backlit effect. Onyx allows light to pass through it because of its great property of being a translucent material, and the result is stunning.

The Pink Onyx in this photo is actually white onyx with a colored net behind it.

Marble Onyx Emerald Bathroom

This stunning natural stone was used to cover a portion of the bathroom wall, which featured two bookmatched slabs with a “backlit” effect.

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