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PopularStone Srl is a family-run marble business based in the prime natural stone centers of Verona and London. We are a leading seller of Italian Marble Slabs, Granite Slabs, Brazilian Quartzite Slabs, Marble Tiles, Marble blocks, and marble cut to sizes (marble tables, marble kitchen tops, marble fireplaces, and much more). 

With a rich heritage spanning over 60 years and multiple generations, we have expanded our expertise by collaborating with marble quarries, marble cutting workshops and providing exceptional customer assistance

PopularStone Srl stocks a wide selection of quality products to ensure customers have something that fits their budget, including marble, granite, onyx stone, and quartzite.

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Our main strength is that we can offer a complete service, from complete assistance in the estimate phase to the supply of the material, transport, and installation, if possible.
Production times can usually vary from 10 to 30 working days, and shipping from Italy to Europe takes about a week.

We understand the importance of visualizing your chosen material, which is why we provide a photo service. Although not entirely professional, it allows you to obtain a more accurate representation of the stone you are purchasing.
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